about us.

What we do:

HCC is a small company based in Poland.

We manufacture high end bicycle components.

What we DON’T do:

We don’t create ideologies and we don’t pretend to use miraculous technologies.

We don’t call simple things complicated names.

Simply, we aim for our products to perform as advertised.

Manufacturing process

it all begins with a drawing.

First, preliminary sketches are prepared. They are the base for a  3D computer model that is developed until we are satisfied with the results.

At this stage we use the most reliable and powerful tools and software like SolidWorks.

Then the project goes to a CAM station where a CNC router programme needs to be created. We use SpurtCAM system that allows us to set the router paths very quickly and precisely, ensuring that the process will give high quality results.

Prototypes are then installed on our bikes to be tested. Once we are satisfied with the product the HCC Racing Team keep testing them in racing conditions.

After the test phase our components are ready for production. And the CNC router paths are modified again to allow for a smooth manufacturing process.


Despite how easy it seems, the material choice is not easy at all and it isn’t only about choosing the best price.

We use only the most renowned suppliers and each delivery is backed with a declaration of confornity.

This guarantees achieving the highest quality and durability of the product right at the start of the manufacturing process.
Our chainrings are made of 7075 t6 aluminium and those parameters are confirmed.

Setting rigid rules from the beginning when choosing our materials is not cheap. But in the end it is confirmed that our chainrings wear slower than our competitors’ chainrings.

CNC machining

Our own, fully controlled production in Poland is our priority. Therefore we are constantly investing in our machinery park and we are more and more proud of it. So far the machinery contains of:

  • 1 small-sized CNC router ( working area of 240x240x100mm ) that we use to create prototypes
  • 1 medium-sized CNC router ( working area of 400x400x150mm )
  • 1 large CNC router ( working area of 700x800x400mm )
  • 1 laser engraving machine
  • vibration polishing machine to prep the surface before anodising

The CNC process – from the delivery of aluminium through prototypes, serial production to final polishing is entirely controlled by us.

anodising + laser endraving

Anodising is the only process we are not able to run ‘in house’ (yet). The research to find the appropriate anodising company that would comply with our standards took quite a long time. We are very rigorous about how the surface is finished, how durable the coating (and the colour) is and if the service is delivered within the agreed deadline.

At the moment we are cooperating with two anodising companies. One of them specializes in black anodising only, the other one looks after the other colours.

After the product comes back from anodising itis put through the engraving process where laser is used to put on text and logos onto the surface.

At the end of this process the product goes through  a final quality control and it is then packaged – ready to be installed on the bike.